Sun-Pluto: The Jealous Man

November 20, 2017by Stella Mars0

At the core, they’re profound, powerful and extremely complex to get to know. They may show extremism in their behavior revealing itself through their passions. Being so deeply attached to people it is hard for them to let go easily when they invest everything. They are not people to play games with and when entering into a relationship or committing to something, feel impassioned, emotional, and strong.

With both men and women, this aspect in the chart may bring power and control issues that are often played out through an entire lifetime, with strength tested to its limit. Sun-Pluto will battle with feelings of self-hatred, frequently caught in a vicious cycle of building up self-confidence and then having it knocked back down again. Sun-Pluto carries around a large bag of unconscious energy that is rooted in most of their behavior. It contains everything in the personality that has been left unresolved. There is also something within the individual that is especially tough and expects nothing less than super-human results that nobody could possibly achieve. In this situation, they need to learn to be less critical, ease up a little, and try not to over-obsess over perceived flaws.

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