Moon-Neptune: Super Sensitive Soul

March 20, 2018by Stella Mars0

An individual with Moon conjunct, square or opposite Neptune is a Super Sensitive Soul…the end. Actually, there is a lot more to discuss, especially since out of all the other lunar aspects, it is this particular combo which possesses the acutest sensitivity and is often challenged to move beyond the psychological suffering which they engender. The person is given a powerful dose of femininity1 and he or she is mystical, creative, yearning, yielding and filled with depth. The type is flooding with an intuitive understanding and is drawn to anything expressing universal beauty and universal love. Women with this contact often have this softness and extreme kindness underneath that is extremely attractive. In relationships, though, she might be emotionally needy and in danger of being blinded by her emotions.

Moon-Neptune being so highly sensitized and empathetic to everyone will inevitably have a deep and complex response to life situations. Most negatively, there exists a weakness and vulnerability to submerging and even drowning their emotions in the problems of others. The person finds plenty of ways to evade whatever is troubling the psyche. Not surprisingly, all of this empathizing and absorption of feelings can emotionally overload the system. At times it leads to addictive and dependency issues; there is a reliance on cigarettes, pills, or drinks to help them cope with life. Moon-Neptune, on the whole, tends to be OVER EMOTIONAL and can ‘wind up at sea’ and lost in the depths of their feelings.

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